Primrose Throw

9781570766435If you’re looking for a beautiful nature and flower inspired knitting and crochet book then “Knit-and-Crochet Garden” by Arnie and Carlos is a perfect buy!

There’s 36 projects within the book, all of which are inspired by flowers, butterflies, birds and bees. The images are amazingly vibrant and fresh, giving the book an upbeat and lively feel. I think every knitter or crocheter would find at least one if not more projects within this book that they would love to have a go at!

I’ve recently started making the “Primrose Throw” (image from the book pictured below) DSC00306 (3)a

This project is perfect for using up odds and ends of wool. (and brand new balls that I told myself I wasn’t going to buy but the colours were too pretty to resist) Another great thing about this project is that, if you’re like me and you loathe sewing crocheted pieces together at the end of the project, you can crochet the flowers together as you go! Perfect!

 2014-08-03 19.36.39The picture on the right shows the start of my Primrose Throw! I love it already, the random mix of colours are so eye catching, just my cup of tea. It’s a perfect project for putting down, picking up and carrying on from where you left off.

I usually have about 2 or 3 projecs on the go at one time but I’m so eager for this Throw to grow that this is my only project I’m working on at the moment. I will probably start a new project before I finish this one but as I have said before, this is a perfect project for putting down and picking up.

2014-08-03 19.35.41

I highly recommend this book as I have enjoyed looking at every single page within it. If you’re as obsesses with knitting and crochet as I am then I am sure you’ll love the book just as much as I do.

If you’re feeling glum on a cold and wet winters day, then flick through these floral pages and by the end of the book, I assure you that you’ll think it’s bright sunshine right outside of your door.

 Happy Crocheting!


Crocheted string bags

I’ve recently become addicted to crocheting string shopping bags. This idea came from a book called “Granny Chic” (pictured on the right) The pattern to create a crochet bag is included within the book, however I tweaked it slightly to make my bags differ from the ones in the book. The book is priced at £10!! That’s what I call a bargain!

This style of bag is so fast and easy to create, it only uses two types of stitches so would be perfect for a beginner to try. This book is full of inspiration if you have a unique and slightly vintage style. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a similar style to mine. I love it!

I used a cotton yarn to create the first bag which I made I bought this from Hobbycraft (they’ve now stopped selling this particular yarn) This yarn is durable which is perfect for carrying heavy shopping!

I used T-shirt yarn to create the second bag (the brand is called Boodles – I also bought this at Hobbycraft) T-shirt yarn is recycled cotton fabric which has been cut in to strips, clothing factories don’t use these scraps so they sell them as yarn. The yarn I purchased is very thick so I had to cut the strip in to 3 separate strips, this makes the cone of yearn go much further, it also makes the bag less bulky and much lighter. Although I cut the yarn in to 3 separate pieces, the bags are still very durable which again is perfect for carrying heavy shopping.

Unfortunately I didn’t capture any images of the process as I was too wrapped up in the making, the next time I make a bag I will definitely take pictures (I promise)


The bag in the image on the left was made using the first yarn that I mentioned, I also have a speckled grey yarn like this which has been in the process of becoming a bag for about a month. (I’ve become distracted by other crochet projects, oops)

The bag on the right was made using the Boodles yarn, this yarn has a stretchy quality so I decided to make it slightly shorter than the bag on the left. (I didn’t want to be dragging my heavy shopping along the floor on the way home from the shops if the bag stretched too much!)

I thought about making a lining to go inside each bag, I’m still in the process of wondering if it would be worth it.

Both of these bags can be purchased on my Etsy shop, just follow the link below…

HookLineandGinger on Etsy

Happy Crocheting!


Little handmade keyrings

I first learnt to needle felt when my two sisters bought me a needle felting book for Christmas. I had very little knowledge of how it all worked, luckily the book was a great help!  <— This is the link to the woolbuddy webpage. Their prices are very reasonable, the kits would make fantastic gifts! The book is very helpful as it includes step by step instructions with very clear images.


Book: Woolbuddies

The book includes different sections depending on your skill level. I started off with a range of animals from the simple section of the book such as the owls and the penguins…


The book doesn’t show you how to make the animals into keyrings but it’s very simple to do, I just simply sew a piece of thick thread up through the animal and back down to create a loop on the top of it’s head, after doing this I needle the ends of the thread into the body and cover with a tiny bit of felt. I then thread the ribbon through the loop and sew the ends of the ribbon together.

Once I had become more confident with sculpting different shapes, I then moved on to the moderate section in the book…


These keyrings take a little longer to make as there are a lot more shapes to join together, for example with the fox, the head, body, the tail and the arms all need to be made seperately and then joined together. The time spent making these cute little things is well worth the end result!

Here is an image of the giraffe which I made by following the instructions from the challenging section of the book…


The giraffe took me a very long time to make, by the end of it my fingers were very sore!

Top Tip: always look at where you’re stabbing the needle!

I purchased all of my wool seperately as the kits on the woolbuddy site create quite large animals.