Knitting or Crochet..?

Knitting or crochet? …that is the question!! This week has been a knitting week so I’ve been trying to knit as much as possible as I’m usually in a crochet mood more often than not.

It has been a fairly productive week , I managed to knit myself a new wooly hat. I was desperately in need of a new one as my old one stretched far beyond saving. It’s 100% wool and only used up 75 grams of yarn which I was very surprised at.

Since descovering Wool Warehouse online just over a year ago I now have a new favourite yarn brand… Drops. They have an amazing website.. Garnstudio. All of the patterns on there are free and they also show you where to buy the best priced products. 

I have so many unstarted projects which I’ve bought the yarn for because each time I visit Garnstudio I find something different which I just NEED to make. I can safely admit that I have an addiction and I think it may just be taking over my life… quite rapidly infact, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I LOVE YARN!!!

Oh I nearly forgot… I also finished my first ever knitted sock (yes, sock. Not socks because I’ve only finished one. I need to find the motivation to make the other now) using drops yarn of course, I’m rather proud of myself!



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