Crocheted string bags

I’ve recently become addicted to crocheting string shopping bags. This idea came from a book called “Granny Chic” (pictured on the right) The pattern to create a crochet bag is included within the book, however I tweaked it slightly to make my bags differ from the ones in the book. The book is priced at £10!! That’s what I call a bargain!

This style of bag is so fast and easy to create, it only uses two types of stitches so would be perfect for a beginner to try. This book is full of inspiration if you have a unique and slightly vintage style. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a similar style to mine. I love it!

I used a cotton yarn to create the first bag which I made I bought this from Hobbycraft (they’ve now stopped selling this particular yarn) This yarn is durable which is perfect for carrying heavy shopping!

I used T-shirt yarn to create the second bag (the brand is called Boodles – I also bought this at Hobbycraft) T-shirt yarn is recycled cotton fabric which has been cut in to strips, clothing factories don’t use these scraps so they sell them as yarn. The yarn I purchased is very thick so I had to cut the strip in to 3 separate strips, this makes the cone of yearn go much further, it also makes the bag less bulky and much lighter. Although I cut the yarn in to 3 separate pieces, the bags are still very durable which again is perfect for carrying heavy shopping.

Unfortunately I didn’t capture any images of the process as I was too wrapped up in the making, the next time I make a bag I will definitely take pictures (I promise)


The bag in the image on the left was made using the first yarn that I mentioned, I also have a speckled grey yarn like this which has been in the process of becoming a bag for about a month. (I’ve become distracted by other crochet projects, oops)

The bag on the right was made using the Boodles yarn, this yarn has a stretchy quality so I decided to make it slightly shorter than the bag on the left. (I didn’t want to be dragging my heavy shopping along the floor on the way home from the shops if the bag stretched too much!)

I thought about making a lining to go inside each bag, I’m still in the process of wondering if it would be worth it.

Both of these bags can be purchased on my Etsy shop, just follow the link below…

HookLineandGinger on Etsy

Happy Crocheting!


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